This are the main specifications regarding our molds:

– all molds are CNC machined

– we produce semi custom molds for cast bullets

– materials used for molds are Brass, Aluminium 2007 (2011 or 2024) and in some cases steel

– material used for sprue plates is steel

– alignment pins are hardened steel (60 – 65 Hrc)

– dimensions of mold blocks depends on bullet design. Theoreticaly we can produce all kind of  molds, but first we must know the bullet design

– we can produce single to eight cavity molds (again, depends on bullet design)

– we can produce hollow point and solid design bullet molds

– where design allows we make reversible hollow point pins , so you can cast HP bullets or solid bullets in the same mold

– with all our molds RCBS/Lyman type top punches are included

– fits on MP mold handles or LEE 6 cavity handles