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Powder coating lead bullets – dry tumble (DT) method

Powder coating lead bullets – dry tumble (DT) method


This is the method I now use to powder-coat (PC) pistol and rifle cast bullets. I use this method, because it worked so well from the very first try. It can also be called ASBBDT "Dry tumbling using the AirSoft BBs as a tumbling media", because I use BBs too. I did think about getting a spray gun but after achieving good results with DT, I never looked back. Use of a spray gun is called ESPC method = Electrostatic powder coat (applied with a spray gun using a static charge). You can always buy an Electrostatic PC gun to get the smoothest finish, but it comes with more setup, more cleanup time and some powder will be lost. There are other methods in PC that I did not try (piglet method), different variations of DT (bake in a pile, drop into water). There is also Hi-Tek (powdered Hi-Tek + acetone). This post is about dry tumble method (DT) so let's start. 

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General advice for using brass HP (hollow point) moulds


Assembly, cleaning, prepping, lubing

I start by cleaning the mould with brake cleaner, including the pins and the screws that hold the pins in. You can clean your new mould with warm water first but I don’t. Miha is generally doing a god job of removing any oils and debris from the moulds. I then assemble the mould, placing the HP pins I want to use in it, then backing the HP pin screws off about a 1/8 turn to prevent the pins binding in the mould.

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Tip on easier release of HP pins

For easier release of hollow point pins, you can use soft graphite pencil and simply "paint" the part of the HP pin. (in contact with lead).


MP MOLDS and me (by Gregor Hodnik)

I began casting with brass moulds when I got my first HP mould, made by MP Moulds, work of Miha Prevec. Before that, I was using traditional iron moulds with ladle/pot method and a gas burner. My previous experience was only with 9mm and 7mm RCBS moulds. First was a 2 cavity but this was too slow to meet my needs and the other was a non HP version. Although good for target work, that 7mm solid bullet was usless for any kind of hunting.

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Assembly of our mold

Check out this cool video about our molds and the dedication to perfection. See how the assembly of our molds works!

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