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    MP MOLDS MP 452-200 HP 4 cav. Cast .453 cal. bullets - 200 grain hollow point or 210 grain solid.. Product #: MP452-200_FB_B_HP_4C based on 1 reviews Regular price: 135,00€ 135,00€ 17

    MP 452-200 HP 4 cav.

    Brand: MP MOLDS
    Product Code: MP452-200_FB_B_HP_4C
    Availability: 17

    Price: 135,00€
    Excl. Tax: 135,00€

    • Cast .453 cal. bullets - 210 grain solid or 200 grain hollow point
    • 4 cavity mold
    • Steel sprue plate
    • Hardened steel alignment pins
    • Allen keys are included
    • RCBS/Lyman top punch is included
    • Use LEE 6 cavity handle or MP mold handles (NOT included)
    • Sample of sprue lube is included (15ml) 
    • round, penta and blank pins
    • Free shipping


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    Caliber (in inches)
    .452 -.454-> .452
    Number of cavities
    Mark on 02-05-2017 06:17 AM
    The 452-200 grain hollowpoint four cavity was my first MP mold. The workmanship on these molds is fantastic, everything fits together like a Swiss watch, and best of all, they cast just as good as they look.

    It's almost unbelievable how quickly you can make perfect hollowpoints with this mold, especially when compared to the tedium of casting with a single cavity Lyman Devastator.

    This mold may seem expensive at first glance, but once you've used it for a while, you'll appreciate just what a bargain it really is. It allows you to cast accurate, high quality hollowpoints that'll kill hogs as well or better than the Lyman Devastators, and you can turn them out almost as fast as 230 grain solids from a Lee six banger!
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