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    HP (hollow points) Molds

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    MP 454 - 423 HP PB 2cav

    Cast .454 cal. bullets - 243 grain solid or 224 gn hp

    95,00€ Ex Tax: 95,00€

    MP 452-225 HP PB 2Cav

    Cast .453 cal. bullets - 225 grain solid

    95,00€ Ex Tax: 95,00€

    MP 45-270 SAA HP 4cav

    Cast .454 cal. bullets

    135,00€ Ex Tax: 135,00€

    MP 45-270 SAA HP 2 cav

    Cast .454 cal. bullets

    95,00€ Ex Tax: 95,00€

    MP 45 ruger only PB HP 2 cav

    Cast .454 cal. bullets

    95,00€ Ex Tax: 95,00€

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